Testimonials for Online Acting Classes with Wendy Ward

“Wendy is extraordinarily committed to excellence.”

—K.S., Canada


Wendy is extraordinarily committed to excellence. She has a singular gift for zeroing in on what you need to address and how to communicate this to you. Her specificity is the best I have ever seen.
— K.S., Canada
I met Wendy almost two years before I studied with her, but I never forgot that meeting. After training with Wendy, I can say that my impressions of Wendy were right. She is dedicated to her students and pushes them to surpass their limits. She does not let them get away with anything less than truthful, inspired work.
— Anthony Smith, Author Acting Career Start-Up
It was when I finished my first lead in a movie, two guest parts in big pilots and tested for Gossip Girls that I realized how much I learned in Wendy’s classes. She challenges you in a positive way. I would love to be in her class again.
— Alexandra Daddario, Percy Jackson, San Andreas
To call this training a transformative experience would be an understatement.
— Farren Wood, Australia
Wendy’s years of experience have made her capable of noticing your strengths and weaknesses very quickly, making you lose your bad acting habits, not by forcing her point of view upon you but by helping you grasp what you lack and what you need to do to become good...and yourself.
— Gintare Parylute, Berlin
Taking courses remotely with Wendy has helped me in even more ways than I had initially hoped for. Her courses and constructive feedback have helped my confidence, my public speaking, and my awareness not only regarding the people that I come in contact with, but of the world around me and even of myself. I signed up with hopes of studying the art of acting, but the skills that I have learned are so much more valuable than that alone.
— Randie Wells, Virginia
Wendy is the epitome of Meisner Training. She has the unique ability to transform one’s acting ability into something so pure and real you start to even fool yourself. Wendy is completely dedicated to pushing you to surpass your limits in ways you never thought possible.
— Jazmyne van Gosliga, New Zealand
After the first week, I knew I was doing the most significant training of my life. After six weeks, I had a completely different understanding of what real acting is. The classes not only hold you up to incredibly high standards, but they make you raise your own standards as well. Wendy seems to intuitively get the strengths and weaknesses of each actor, and that’s where she teaches from.
— Jason Rosenberg, New York City
In early 2012 I signed with a top L.A. Management company. I have studied with Broadway directors and NY and LA’s “famous” acting teachers. Wendy Ward is hands-down the best. If it weren’t for her Meisner training, my skill set would not be at the level it is and I most certainly would not be booking all this work. One casting director told me that my performance was the best monologue performance he’d ever seen, and I attribute that to my Meisner training and to Wendy.
— Toni Romano, Ugly Betty, Sweet Lorraine
I’ve studied and paid for top acting coaches in NY but have gotten little results or improvements from them. But with Wendy, I get more than my money’s worth. After working with Wendy for several weeks, I started booking on my auditions and had more confidence in the room. She worked with me on a self-taped monologue for less than three days and I booked the role!
— Julie Pham, New York
This acting training was awesomely challenging and perhaps the most rewarding, profound and humbling I have ever done.
— Courtney Halstead, Australia
My Ward Acting Studio training gave me the confidence not only to brave the unknown in any performance capacity but to be excited by the prospect as well. It ain’t for the faint of heart, but it is for any actor determined to have success!
— Dana Fuchs, Across the Universe