Terms of Service

Please read carefully the Terms of Service (“Terms”) described in this document before initiating payment for any online class or coaching session with Wendy Ward.  Your access to and use of any services provided by Ms. Ward is conditioned upon your acceptance and compliance with these terms.  Ms. Ward reserves the right to cease providing services, without refund of payment for classes taken or yet to be taken, to clients who do not comply with the terms set out in this document. 

Class scheduling.   Clients are required to schedule their sessions within the designated time frame.  If you are purchasing a package of sessions, you must schedule ALL of your sessions at one time. Actors who delay in completing their sessions during the suggested time frame will forfeit all remaining sessions.  Ms. Ward reserves the right to determine whether gaps in training lead to a dismissal from the class. If so, you will not be refunded any portion of your payment for sessions that you did not receive.

Payments. Clients are required to pay for their sessions when scheduling a single session or when scheduling the first session in a class package. Once you pay and schedule your sessions, they become completely non-refundable.

No Rescheduling/No cancellations.  Rescheduling, without exception, is NOT ALLOWED.  Once you book and pay for your sessions they become non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you are forced to miss a session -- for whatever reason -- you will forfeit that session and no refund will be provided.  Ms. Ward will not reschedule a session for which a client does not show or is not adequately prepared to work. 

Dismissal.  Ms. Ward reserves the right to cease working with any client who misses sessions, arrives late, is unprepared or in any other way becomes what she deems to be unacceptable as a client.  Professional behavior is expected at all times.  IF YOU CHOOSE TO STOP YOUR SESSIONS OR IF YOU ARE DISMISSED BY MS. WARD, ALL REMAINING SESSIONS ARE FORFEITED. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND FOR COACHING YOU HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED NOR WILL YOU RECEIVE A REFUND FOR ANY SESSIONS YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED. 

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS:  Do not schedule your sessions or forward payment if you find these terms unacceptable.  While it is rare that a student is dismissed from Ms. Ward’s program, it is imperative that you understand that she reserves the right to do so if your work becomes unacceptable to her.  YOUR PAYMENT REPRESENTS YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS.