More Testimonials for Wendy Ward

I’ve recently come back to Meisner via Wendy’s online coaching after nearly a ten-year absence. At the start, I could not get out of my own way. I watched myself constantly. I had all but put the process aside, and it did not feel good at all. Working with Wendy taught me to remember the importance of doing the work, of strong preparation, and of reality of doing. I learned to focus and to live truthfully in my work again, which is an amazing gift. After so long, I wasn’t sure I could do that again. Now, my skills are stronger than ever.
— Mary McGraw, VO actress New York City
Working online with Wendy has been amazing. My acting skills have continued to improve each session.
— Corey Jackson, Everyday Black Man
I’ve studied and paid for top acting coaches in NY but have gotten little results or improvements from them. But with Wendy, I get more than my money’s worth. After working with Wendy for several weeks, I started booking on my auditions and had more confidence in the room. She worked with me on a self-taped monologue for less than three days and I booked the role!
— Julie Pham, New York
My one-on-one online acting sessions with Wendy really helped me with getting a callback and booking the role. I also would say consider working with Wendy if you’re thinking about creating a showreel. Thanks to my work with her, it really helped me create a showreel that has gained some pretty good industry attention so I owe a lot to those sessions.
— Max Gettler, Australia
Wendy Ward’s dedication and conviction to achieving work that is not just entirely believable but instead actually real is incredibly inspirational.
— Jordan Katelanis, Australia
You taught me to seek truth with boldness and toughness and to make no excuses or apologies when doing need-it-like-oxygen and it has affected my priorities in art and expression and I’m forever grateful.
— Steven Annan, Pennsylvania
Wendy’s passion for the craft of acting is contagious. She ignites a fire within you and makes you want to explore the deep places within your soul; often the places you are fearful of going. I have found that she has a perfect balance of challenging your limits, being brutally honest and being extremely encouraging.
— Katie Adler, Los Angeles
As a new student, I am just beginning to see the beauty of the Meisner approach to acting, and it’s already clear to me why it’s so effective. You don’t need to know anything about acting to start the classes, and if you just trust the process and take it seriously, results follow. Wendy’s years of experience in the industry and with the Meisner technique make her a powerful teacher. She really cares about her students’ progress and guides us to achieve the best in ourselves. I’m excited to have found exactly what I was looking for — New York-quality professional training right here in Durham!
— Sharon Bishop, North Carolina
I have been involved in many organizations both professionally and voluntarily and it is not often you come across someone who is the best at what they do. You are indeed that. Your commitment to your students is something that is very rarely seen and I would like to thank you personally for it.
— Geordie Worland, Australia
A big thank you to Wendy Ward for being my acting coach. Working with her is a true eye opener. It helped me not only take the next step in my career, but also deepened my love and appreciation for the profession. After working with her in Durham, NC and NYC I am back home in Austria and am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with her via Skype. Her training is hands on, particular and helps me find a new understanding of what acting can be.
— Karin Schmid, Austria
Wendy Ward is a phenomenal acting coach, and I cannot recommend her online classes highly enough. I entered her classes as a complete beginner and feel that I have dramatically improved. Wendy strikes a wonderful balance between being supportive and highlighting the areas which needed further work. Ultimately, learning the Meisner method with Wendy has enabled me to go into auditions with much more ease and confidence than I ever could have before.
— Jack Lattimore, North Carolina
I benefited from one-on-one online work with Wendy, so following her recommendation, I joined her online Meisner class, unsure of whether an online approach to Meisner would work. I am half way through Tech 2 at this point and just finished filming four scenes for a film, the largest role I’ve had to date. I would absolutely not have landed this role without my classes and Wendy’s coaching.
— K.S., Canada
I read that Wendy didn’t audition applicants because if she did, none of them would get in. I thought at the time that she just hadn’t seen me yet. I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. Wendy’s standards are the highest I’ve ever encountered and luckily she knows how to teach you to reach them.
— Gianmarco Soresi, New York
Wendy is a powerhouse Meisner teacher. She is the best teacher I’ve had in my fifteen years as an actor. To be a successful actor here in Los Angeles, to compete with the immense number of talented actors, one must have a strong sense of self, truth and an extraordinary connection with their emotional life. For me, Wendy was the teacher that taught me how to bring these things to life. I use Wendy’s teaching every single time I walk into an audition, a booking or a class.
— Brandon Pizzola, Los Angeles
Wendy is demanding, professional, and will really push you to realize your potential. If you are going to work with Wendy you need to be prepared to really work. I guarantee it’s worth it. The Meisner approach to acting is raw, honest, and real. There is no faking it in this class. Wendy will not settle for anything less than your best and then some. I know I’m a much better actor for it. If you want to work somewhere where the craft of acting is truly taken seriously, then The Ward Acting Studio is for you.
— Carter Smith, Australia
I highly recommend training with Wendy Ward at the Ward Acting Studio. Wendy teaches the Meisner Technique with a no –nonsense approach that gives you a solid foundation in a discipline that trains you to listen, observe and work truthfully off the behavior of your acting partners. This work will challenge you, and at times you might struggle. However, Wendy has a keen eye for detail and provides you feedback on what you need to work on. As a result, you come back the next time, and get it right. Consequently, piece by piece, and step by step, you are on your way to becoming a good actor. And, she will tell you when you are getting it right, and this will mean a lot to you because when it comes from Wendy, you know it’s real, and you have earned it. The Triangle area should be considered really fortunate to have an authentic Meisner teacher like Wendy for those that want to really learn the craft of acting.

By the way, I am not related to Wendy. I just happen to have the same surname.
— Gabe Ward, North Carolina
One thing that’s unique about Wendy is she really stresses quality over quantity. When you’re doing the work and getting it right, you’re finished for the day. It could be 15 minutes or 30 but if you nail it, you get the positive reinforcement of not having to hash something out when it isn’t necessary. On the other hand, Wendy is always there to support you when extra attention is needed.
— Karla Hillam, Australia
Wendy Ward’s Meisner program has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had on my acting journey. Her program focuses on quality through a study of truth and meaningfulness. I have pushed myself to go to edges I did not even know existed and have had some successful work as a result. I am confident that without this program, I would not have experienced those moments of success. I am currently in the middle of Tech II and look forward to continuing to grow with Wendy’s guidance.
— Joya Joseph, North Carolina
Having taken the Six-week Intensive and having graduated from Wendy’s part-time Meisner program, I can say that the Ward Acting Studio’s standards are about three times higher than other schools in this area.
— Brandon Cooke, North Carolina
I’m now beginning Tech II as an online student and I am astounded by the rate at which my classmates and I have improved through Wendy’s training! Wendy is very down-to-earth and supportive while maintaining great professionalism. She makes each class a great experience for both her in-person and online students.
— Emily Proffitt, Tennessee
The first time I self-taped and auditioned for a film role was after working with Wendy. That audition got me two callbacks for a film with over 3000 submissions! Her training sent my confidence through the roof! I have since gone on to book several TV shows, in part, due to Wendy and her exceptional Meisner classes. Her coaching is a game changer for the serious actor!
— Evit Emerson, North Carolina
Having no experience in acting, I was terrified, but having such a calm teacher as Wendy with so much knowledge and patience helped a lot. I’m loving this!
— Thomas Brarud, Norway
You will surely exercise discipline, patience, and readiness. It is important to remain humble and trust the work because nothing will be sugar-coated. Without Wendy’s honesty, I would not have experienced the growth that I did.
— Jessica Palmer, North Carolina