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“Wendy is a powerhouse Meisner teacher.”

—Brandon Pizzola, Los Angeles


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Many may say they teach the Meisner Technique, but very few can truly claim that they are Meisner acting teachers. Wendy Ward is one of them. Her dedication to the proper teaching of the Meisner technique has been proven by the quality of work that her studio in New York has produced. She is a true devotee to the Meisner technique of acting. Any student would be fortunate to have her as their teacher.
— Ernest A. Losso, Producer/Casting Director and Protégé of Sandy Meisner (Neighborhood Playhouse)

“Can you really learn Meisner online? Absolutely!”

Wendy began her online Meisner classes to accommodate international clients who trained at the Ward Acting Studio and wanted to continue working with Wendy upon returning home. Through recent advances in video conferencing technology, Wendy has adapted her acting program so online students achieve the same exceptional results as actors studying at her studio.

As an online student, you also have the distinct advantage of always working “on location” from any room in your home. Some of the best activity work that Wendy has seen in her Meisner technique classes has been from online students who understand deeply how to have public solitude and use the Meisner principle of the reality of doing to their best advantage.


Already Meisner-trained?

If you’ve previously been introduced to the Meisner technique, talk to Wendy about how she can strengthen your Meisner skills. She knows how to enrich and expand your approach at whatever level of training you received. Some actors come to realize there are big gaps in their technique. Wendy knows how to fill them.

Two ways to do Meisner work online

1. Traditional Meisner Technique Training - Online

Interview with Wendy for traditional Meisner Technique training. New sections of Wendy’s online Meisner program begin every other month and are taught in the traditional twice-a-week format.

If your time zone prevents you from participating in Wendy’s regularly scheduled Meisner classes, ask about smaller group options. You can even get a group of friends together and have special easy-to-use camera equipment shipped to you for an enhanced online experience.

2. Meisner Skill Courses - Private/Semi-private

Private and semi-private sessions are taught in sets of 6 / Tuition $275

These six-session skill courses are designed for actors who need to brush up on their Meisner techniques. Sometimes, this is all you need to get your Meisner technique back in shape. Other times, Wendy will suggest that you get into a proper group class to pick up the training where you left off.

Talk to Wendy about your experience and what you think you need. She’s a master of the Meisner Approach and will know how to advise you and address your concerns. Review some potential topics below, then schedule a consultation with Wendy to learn more.

Emotional preparation

No sense memory/emotional recall here. Meisner’s emotional preparation is a very different way of deepening your connection to the role, the circumstances and your acting partner. It fosters emotional life that is easily accessible and fluid. This muscle needs to stay in shape to avoid the short cut that most actors use of projecting feelings on your voice. It also prevents your emotional life from becoming sentimental or self-absorbed.


Leave the backstory work and dive deeper into particularization. This is one of the text skills that you learn in advanced Meisner training. When you get skillful in this area you find that your text work does much of your emotional work for you. Many actors coming to Wendy from other Meisner programs never received this critical piece of Meisner technique training. It remains one of her most popular courses.

By rote memorization

Strong memorization skills support you when the pressure is on and you have little time to learn your material. It also improves your performance by keeping your lines fresh and spontaneous rather than becoming over-rehearsed. Although a less glamorous aspect of an actor’s work, by rote memorization is a skill that can make actors exceptionally confident, calm and prepared.

Physical adjustments

When your role requires an accent or physical adjustment, you want to make sure it doesn’t affect the authenticity of your performance. This class provides effective techniques for working on accents and other physical changes you need to make. One of Wendy’s graduates booked her first television show solely on the strength of her physical adjustment in the audition.


The Meisner process for working on text keeps over-rehearsed line readings and predictable performances at bay. Wendy takes you through best practices for working on new material while relating the skills to quick study work in the field.

Meisner Scene Work

In these semi-private sessions, you’ll be paired with other students working with Wendy online or in her Meisner studio. Depending on where you are in your Meisner training, she’ll send you a script ahead of time for memorization or have you begin with a working reading at the table. Discuss your previous Meisner work at your consultation.