Audition Coaching Online

“Sent my confidence through the roof!”

—Evit Emerson, North Carolina



The first time I self-taped and auditioned for a film role was after working with Wendy. That audition got me two callbacks for a film with over 3000 submissions! Her training sent my confidence through the roof! I have since gone on to book several TV shows, in part due to Wendy and her exceptional Meisner classes. Her coaching is a serious game changer!

Learn to give your best auditions under pressure

Great auditioning is a skill that is learned. It takes practice and learning what common mistakes to avoid. The self tape is your first opportunity to show people what you can do. At your callback, you’ll also be evaluated on how you present from the moment you walk in the room. Wendy has lots of tips to help you improve your self tapes, your monologues, your interviews and cold readings. Book a single coaching session (see “book and pay”) or take an audition prep class in advance (topics below).


Sample Audition Class Topics

Practice TV/Film sides

Beginning actors and those making a transition from stage to film are faced with a number of challenges. Each class you’ll work with new television and film scripts, some of which you will perform live and others that you’ll self tape before class.

Interview skills

When you’re meeting a new talent manager, agent, casting director or producer, you’re being evaluated from the moment you walk in the door. Wendy has found that 90% of all actors make the same mistakes during this process. Wendy teaches you how to avoid these fatal errors and prepares you to interview authentically and competitively with confidence and grace.

Prepared monologues

Actors generally dislike the process of finding and performing monologues. Much of their angst is because monologues make actors self conscious. Wendy provides a fresh approach to preparing your monologues so they become something you love to perform.

Cold sides

The more you practice, the better you get. Each session you receive new material just a short time before your coaching session begins. You’ll learn how to assess the sides and prepare quickly to perform them. Wendy has clients who take this course over and over again to make sure their skills stay sharp.